Print Design

The History of A. O. Smith Corporation
Relaying the long and storied history of a company and being able to present it in a manner that is visually appealing, interesting and informative was a challenge Communicor was excited to take on for the 140th Anniversary of A. O. Smith.
Having been a client of Communicor’s for over 30 years, A. O. Smith was interested in our art director’s unique insight into their business to help bring their story to life. In producing a variety of print collateral, including a hard-cover commemorative history book, lobby and conference room wall murals, posters and banners, Communicor established an overall design that provided cohesiveness across all print platforms. We highlighted the milestones in A. O. Smith’s history as well as the innovations that have led to their continuing success.
CLIENT: A. O. Smith
SERVICES: Print Design, Image Retouching, Illustration, Photography